HMY/Cruisers Product Manager


Cruisers Yachts is one of America€™s leading yacht manufacturers. With a variety of models ranging from sport coupes and express cruisers to motor yachts, there is a model perfect for you, your family and friends. Cruisers Yachts cares about their customers and is dedicated to ensuring the best experience for them, from the purchase and delivery to any repairs and future concerns.


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At Cruisers Yachts they are committed to one thing. It’s not to be the biggest boat manufacturer, or the most profitable. They are committed solely to the quality of your experience. That means every moment you interact with Cruisers products and their people its designed to enhance the way you feel about boating and the Cruisers brand.

HMY Yachts Cruisers Team has the knowledge and experience to work with you to build or purchase your new Cruisers Yacht. As a member of the Cruisers Yachts dealer network, HMY Yachts is here to help you and your family not only purchase a new Cruisers Yacht, but also embark on your new life on the water.